Started a blog…

After a colleague showed me his blog, I was inspired to set up a website of my own and start my own blog. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while for two main reasons. Firstly to have a place to gather my thoughts for various personal projects I am trying to tackle. The second reason is to have a space on the internet which I can solely curate and which doesn’t have any pressure to publish a particular type of content which most social platforms tend to push you towards to get engagement.
With this blog, I’m hoping I can build a page of thoughts and ideas that, even if only I end up seeing the result, I can look back and read it like a bit of a diary. Hopefully it will also act as a jumping off point to inspire other projects (is that a podcast I can hear?…).
Also, it provides me with something to think about and do during the lockdown, and hopefully give me the motivation to finish, or at least continue, the few personal projects I want to complete.
As a side note, I wonder how many podcasts/blogs/arty projects were started last year during the pandemic that won’t be updated again. Hopefully, this one won’t join those ranks.
If I continue with this blog, I aim to migrate it over to before the end of this year. Both to avoid the cost to publish on and to say I have fully published a website from the ground up, let’s see how it goes.

Onwards and upwards.

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